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"The Efficient Way to Sell Digital Product Downloads &
Licence Keys From Your Webpage".


Digital downloads are among the top-selling products on the internet

Almost anything can be a digital download – movies, books, music, software, and even art. Those who already sell downloads to their customers know that it’s not as difficult, time-consuming, or expensive as you may think. In fact selling digital downloads is not only profitable, but it is amazingly affordable!

If you’re considering selling downloads, you are in store for a very lucrative business career and If you haven’t already started, now is the best time to learn how to sell digital downloads.



WITHOUT a Complex Shopping Cart.

Sell digital product downloads

Download Delivery Terminal exceeds the modern requirements of an online business whilst keeping our solution lightweight and efficient.

Technical Ability - ZERO learning curve. Our sell download system is giving at users of all ability the ease to hit the ground running. Using simple cut and paste techniques, you don't need to be a brain-box to use our download delivery software.


Hosted or Installed - Installed solutions provide you with all the power and all the control however they do have inherent drawbacks, You have to install updates, and sometimes modifications and features that lead to information overload. Our Selldownload system is an installed solution with no recurring fees to eat your profit.


SEO and Marketing Tools. - Because Our system works with your current website it has no negative effect on your current internet marketing efforts. So whether you use WordPress or Content Management Software (e.g. Joomla) you can sell downloads quickly and easily without damaging your internet footprint!


Selling downloads does not need to be complex or time consuming as long as you choose the best solution for you and your business, Complex shopping carts are critical for the big players like amazon but is it overkill for your needs. More customers make a single purchase from websites instead of stacking the shopping cart to the brim. A download solution without the complex shopping cart may fit your needs completely.



Recurring Fee's and expensive modifications to shopping cart programs will eat profit that could be spent promoting your products and increasing sales!



Our Sell Download System is lightweight yet powerful enough to capture and process sales of your digital products without the complexity of a shopping cart.

Sell Download is a 'Stand alone product' not a plug-in and can't corrupt your WordPress or other Content Management System of your website.

Should you decide to move away from Content Management Systems or WordPress in the future
Sell Download will effortlessly move with you


Download Delivery Terminal

Works with any website, even if you use a content management system, or similar easy website builder tools.

sell download Compatible with paypal and popular CMS systems



A Payment Processor Your Customers Can Trust.


Sell Downloads Paypal Compatible

When you sell digital downloads, you want to get paid, we all do. So, that means you need to make the payment options provided to your customers as easy, convenient, and fast as possible.

In today’s age of instant gratification, no one wants a slow purchase or payment process. The easier your method of accepting payments, the more sales you are likely to experience.

Many online sellers set up their own credit card and bank payment process, though this can be quite costly. Online retailers such as yourself should take advantage of the services of PayPal.

PayPal is the affordable solution for those who sell digital download files and allow buyers to have a sense of security when making their purchase. Our system is fully integrated with paypal for your customers peace of mind.





DDT- Download Delivery Terminal - Features

Now I don't want to get bogged down with technical features but I will say you customers will be very happy....


YES (DDT) Will Deliver ALL Types of Download Regardless of Size or Format Instantly.

YES (DDT) Will Delivery All Types of Serial Number or Licence Key Instantly.

YES (DDT) Works 100% with PayPal. You Get Paid Instantly.



With sensational and innovative features our software also contains, unique 'Semi Automated Sales Tool' ill explain....

A customer selling downloads using our delivery software for over 12 months, often sells products for, cash,
bank transfer or through other payment processors & methods including amzon and ebay

Our software allows you to accept payment from any other method!

Once you have clarified payment has been received, simply log in to the system, enter the customers details and the download or licence key is sent automatically through the system.


No Restrictions You can accept all currencies, sell your products in your own way!


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Download Delivery Terminal
The Easy to use Download Delivery System

Sell Download Box


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Start Using The Most Advance Download Delivery System Available!



Sell Downloads For FREE


Say GOODBYE to Complex Shopping Cart Programs

Sell digital product downloads



Sell digital product downloads


"The EFFORTLESS Way to Sell Digital Product Downloads & Licence Keys From Your Website ".


Run your online business on auto-pilot.

& Enjoy Fully Automated Product Delivery !

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